Emotional intelligence and its effects on real estate market

Many people believe that to acquire a new property it is enough to save. But emotional intelligence is totally related to this.

After all, behind the economy there is a whole strategy of monthly planning of expenses, management of resources, appropriate investments and even the ability to distinguish when an expense becomes necessary.

What many do not know is that emotional intelligence that it can also make a difference in the ability to save and achieve larger goals from personal project management.

The application of EI in daily life is related to higher satisfaction rates, decreased risks of depression, personal happiness and achievement of professional goals.

In this article we will show how emotions are involved within the real estate market in how BR Capital USA can help you manage them better.

Let’s go?

The action of Emotional intelligence in the process of buying property

But there is still another determining factor when closing a deal, besides the strength of the announcements and the market price: the emotional value.

Did you know that 80% of purchase decisions are made unconsciously?

Advertising targets emotions, affections and emotionality.

It also offers rational arguments, which later help us to justify buying behaviors.

However, it is the human heart, along with emotions, that influence the final decision process.

Although emotions are decisive for the purchase, they can also cause problems and even generate impulses opposed to the sale.

Sometimes leading to the impossibility of reaching agreements in the negotiation and even blocking the sale.

There is a determining and intangible factor that will determine the final success of a sale, the emotional value.

When you sell a house, you’re not just selling walls or views, you’re selling souvenirs.

For the owner, selling his house implies leaving behind memories, moments and experiences.

It is not an easy task, and sometimes it can even give rise to the appreciation of the house by the seller, being strongly influenced by these emotions.

This means that we must be careful, on the publication of the announcement.

Then realize how to show the house and transfer all those emotions to the new hands of the buyer.

In this sense, the challenge is to create an immersive experience that awakens the interest and desire to live there.

This is when innovation comes into play and the value of the house begins to be maximized.

Characteristics of emotional intelligence in decision making

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the ability to develop a self-knowledge that allows the person to know his/her own emotions, to have control over them and over the factors that influence a certain feeling.

The goal of EI is that, by having clarity in the decision-making process, the individual is more able to avoid situations that can destabilize him or her.

That would be generating negative reflexes for both personal and professional life, such as despair, anger, stress and even depression.

Some factors can be considered the pillars of emotional intelligence. They are:

  • Self-knowledge;
  • Interpersonal relations;
  • Good influence;
  • Positivity;
  • Control of emotions.

The development of these abilities can bring good inspiration to the individual which will be reflected in all their relationships, attitudes and planning.

It is necessary to clarify that emotional intelligence has nothing to do with IQ, technical capacity, level of knowledge or instruction, but with the way the individual behaves in certain situations.

People with a high degree of EQ (emotional quotient) are usually humorous, think about possible solutions before despairing of obstacles that arise unexpectedly and keep calm in stressful situations.

On the other hand, those with low EQ hardly recognize their mistakes and weaknesses, feel offended by any criticism, are self-centered, have a tendency to rationalize because they don’t trust their own emotions, have difficulty “reading” others having little affinity with other people’s problems, are fickle and, deep down, don’t know what they want.

Imagine how harmful this can be when buying a property…

Emotional intelligence in the real estate market

Perhaps you are still wondering: but how to use emotional intelligence to acquire a property?

Emotional control is essential to get around some unexpected situations that inevitably arise along the way.

Some people despair of obstacles, but using emotional intelligence you can use this negative situation to make a replanning of their expenses, adjust deadlines and review expenditures, for example.

How to develop emotional intelligence?

To develop emotional intelligence you need to be aware of your feelings and also accept the criticism of others about your behavior, this allows you to know how people see you, which can mean a lot in the pursuit of emotional growth.

Coaching classes can also help those people who have difficulty in stimulating positivity and relationships with people by themselves.

Before planning the purchase of your new property, seek to work to better the emotions.

They can be vital to achieve your goals within the real estate market in less time and with less physical and psychological wear.

Tips to leverage emotion-based real estate ads

In order to sell more real estate it is necessary to consider the emotional factor involved in the decision-making process.

That’s why we’ve separated some very important tips to make an announcement in which the emotional factor is taken into account.

Check it out!

Quality and quantity matter

The more images included in the ads, the better.

We recommend that you take between 20 and 25 photographs of each house, including, in addition to the interior rooms, photos of the building, common areas, storage and garage, if any, but also visual content of the surroundings, as well as the leisure areas.

You should also upload images that go beyond the interior of the house.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words and, therefore, if the house has a good view, it takes advantage and makes the client feel like living there.

If you have a good kitchen, share the experience, through beautiful photos and good quality, for example a moment, how to prepare a meal in such an exclusive space.

If the house is well decorated, it simulates an intimate dinner and eternalizes the scenery to thrill that couple looking for the house of their dreams.

Why is this so important?

These ideas stimulate the mind, awaken creativity and generate greater interest and enthusiasm to act and close a deal.

For the human being, the action of buying is directly linked to the emotion of happiness.

Another aspect to take into account when publishing an ad is to avoid taking pictures in low light, with a messy house or personal objects between them.

We have to depersonalize and organize the house as much as possible so that the photos transmit a sensation of light, order, amplitude and cleanliness.

The power of video

The video is also a great tool to win the hearts of potential buyers.

Did you know that an internet video generates 200% of clicks compared to an ad that only has photos?

The recommendation is to include videos in your ads with a minimum duration of 20 seconds and not exceed one minute.

A long video may bore the audience, while an excessively short video may not show enough information about the house.

Photos and videos play a very important role in the publication of any ad, but they are not enough to show a product.

Join reason and emotion

In addition, we must be able to transform rational characteristics into emotional benefits, through the comments and description of the ad, reinforce the experiences, emotions or sensations that a house can transmit, beyond the technical aspects.

For this, we recommend that you add to each of your ads a clear and appealing title, which draws attention and invites the potential buyer to read it.

It is convenient to use keywords for people to find them quickly in search engines.

The description of the ad should convey how that person will feel when living in that house and should help the reader to imagine himself installed there, taking advantage of everything that each of the rooms can offer when he owns the house.

Use emotionally impactful speech techniques

Storytelling and copywriting are two powerful marketing tools that help create a connection with the client in an emotional way, influencing, through the descriptions of the ad, in a positive way who reads it.

Awaken the interest of the buyer, focus more on the benefits and advantages that the house offers, rather than its characteristics, and remember to appeal to the emotions, to explain to customers everything that that house and the fact of living there can provide them: tranquility, security, comfort, savings, family life, etc.

The objective is to reinforce the experiences, emotions or sensations that a house can transmit, beyond its technical aspects.

If you make your clients fall in love through the ads, you will be unforgettable.

If you are constant, you will be the love of his life.

What can BR Capital USA do to help you with emotional intelligence?

The purchase of a property brings a perception of high risk and consumer demand a different process of selection and a detailed and rigorous research.

Without a doubt, the purchase of a property is one of the situations of consumption that generates greater involvement by consumers.

The reasons for this are performance, financial and psychological risks, the possibility of producing – or not – satisfaction, the large number of alternatives within and outside the category, the high involvement of money and the little experience of consumers.

Therefore, we at BR Capital take into account all factors that involve the decision to purchase a property, including emotional ones.

Take a look at our attributes:


Technology is increasingly present in real estate marketing strategy, so there are many ways to make ads an ally to help sell homes in the pandemic.

Nowadays, despite the confinement, the buyer can visit and walk around a house without leaving home, thanks to the immersive experience that our platform offers.

We show before and after images, recreating pleasant spaces and making it easier for the user to imagine the property in a more real way.


Real estate consumers are defined by individual values and standards based on their knowledge and experience.

It is worth noting that, for customer satisfaction, more important than the adequacy of the product itself, is the way the company, be it the builder or the broker, conducts the project.

Hence the importance of all parties to the negotiation being made absolutely clear.

Here at BR Capital USA the transparency of relations is what moves us day after day.


The decision process for real estate purchase is carried out by means of comparison and, as it is a comparative purchase product, technical aspects tend to be more relevant than in other categories.

Thus, we accurately identify the benefits expected by the consumer they intend to achieve, in order to share a wide variety of real estate options that fit that profile.


Our company is guided by values.

We believe that the real estate market can generate fantastic opportunities for many people, favoring a more abundant and conscious social environment.

Thus, all our services are offered in an ethical and responsible manner, in order to promote fair and socially relevant relationships.

To learn more about our work, click here!

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